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10 September 2008 @ 05:21 am
Brafinity.com Search Engine  
I recently received a message from juliabalkonetka who lives in Poland and leads an online community of several thousand members for ladies who need D+ bra sizes in small bands. (Looks like it may be time to learn Polish!)

Julia has been developing an online shopping tool for bigger boobed girls (in both Polish and English) that expands eBay UK’s search capabilities: Brafinity.

She also writes that like many of us in the US, they usually buy at Bravissimo and Brastop and Figleaves, and so they share the same bra-shopping experience to a great extent

Julia has a blog on lingerie and boobs too: http://balkonetka.pl. It’s possible to read a version of it in (mostly) English via the google translation tool:
Juliabalkoneta’s Blog

Below is a description of the Brafinity tool Julia’s been designing. Check it out:

“So, the whole story behind Brafinity.com is this:
Everywhere in the world buying a bra above D cup and below 32 band is a big challenge. The producers seem to not notice, that women have breasts in more than 4 cup and 5 band sizes. Imagine, that Italian and Russian size systems has 5 numbers for measuring bras: 1,2 3, 4 and 5! Sometimes also 6 - then the brand is really "bosom friendly" ;)

Two years ago a forum for bigger boob girls was estalbished and we already have around five thousand members, another similar Polish forum has 1000. We gather the reviews of brands and styles, and we also have a secret gallery for approved members where we collect our pictures in different styles, to assess whether they fit well and so on. We already have a 1500 pictures collection.

There is also an analogous forum and gallery for smaller breast girls. It turns out that it's also very hard for them to buy a bra which actually fits, not just covers the nipples.

We call ourselves the Boob-Lobby, since we constantly mail Polish producers asking them to introduce more sizes. We've already achieved a success with Polish brands: Avocado introduced smaller band sizes and Milena started 2 models in cups up to J.

This is still not much - we dream about Triumph, Chantelle and normal chain stores selling our sizes. Here is where the idea of an international bra-community comes in. Brafinity.com is planned to be such a community, available in different languages (like wikipedia), with search engines for bra offerings in different online shops, reviews, galleries, bra-fitting advice and so on. Every project has to start from something, so we've started with a search engine of eBay.co.uk. Their bra search is really horrible, as they don't let you enter any cup size above G. Every transaction made through Brafinity gives us 3% of the price of a bra, which allows us to pay for the servers. We actually don't make any money on this.

We think that existence of such an international community will help us get noticed by the lingerie producers. If they come and see there are thousands of us, maybe they will change their ways of thinking and start offering our sizes. And the more competition on this market, the cheaper the bras in our sizes. And we win!

If you want to read more, we prepared a faq document about Brafinity, it's here:

If there is anything interesting happening on American bra market, let me know. Maybe I could post something on my blog about your shops or your community. We want to build an international community for bigger boobs women, so we could press bra producers to offer more sizes.”