Bra Alterations

I'm curious to know how many folks here alter their bras (either themselves, or by taking them to a seamstress)? From strap shortening/lengthening, to cup darts, to band shortening, and more... I'm interested to hear what you've tried. Anyone here ever try sewing a bra from scratch?

Next post I'll talk about my most recent attempt. In the meantime, enjoy these bra cupcakes made by versaquilts.

Bras for Sale!

I have some sweet-ass bras for sale at the moment at bargain prices. Most are brand new, just never got worn before my size changed or the return shipping would have lost me more money than the refund would have been. Check 'em out, and if you're interested, post here, or send me an email at boobiusmaximus (at ) gmail (dot) com.

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Bravissimo "Online Only" Swimsuit Sale

Bravissimo is having their end-of-the-summer swimsuit sale. They claim it's only online, so I guess you can't get these deals in their stores... Click the image below to go to it:

Is it just me, or is the shape of that pool float rather suggestive? Reminds me of a Georgia O'Keefe painting, if you take my meaning ;)

New Line from Panache: Cleo Lingerie

Panache Lingerie has just added a new line to their collection: Cleo. Unfortunately, the Cleo line, (like Panache's other sub-lines Frilly Intimates and Masquerade Lingerie), is not described anywhere on the main Panache site. Cleo Bras appear to go from size 28D up to size 38H, and are described by several of their resellers as being more "fashion forward" and "youthful" than other Panache Lines.
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Bravissimo Clothing Sizing, and More Busty Clothes from an Unlikely Source

Way back during the winter I ordered some "professional" clothing from Bravissimo--suit jackets and matching pants and skirts. While Bravissimo gives a (fairly accurate) measurement chart for their fitted tops and jackets (I wear a 12RC in their tops), they don't say anything about the sizing on their pants and skirts.

Normally, in order to get your UK size, you would add 4 to your American size. So if you wore size 12 pants in the US, your British size would be roughly size 16. I tried asking Bravissimo in advance of ordering about their sizing for pants and skirts, but got nowhere.

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A quick light post...

What do you call your boobs? This London Times article ponders the age-old question:

Why I called my boobs Simon & Garfunkel

Personally, I call mine Kirk and Spock: so close, yet always separate. Plus, they tend to create a lot of spatial distortions.

Nah, I'm just kidding. But maybe I will start callin' em that. Spock will be the left one, cause the right one's got a bit more junk in the trunk. And in situations where I don't want to look *too* dorky, I can go incognito by just calling them "Captain" and "First Officer."

Next post: The much-awaited Bravissimo clothing sizing post, plus some other stuff!

Last chance!

Hey folks, long time no see. While I don't have time for a full post right now I just wanted to let you know that it's getting to be last call for my bra sales posted here:

and here:

Several have been sold, but I am willing to accept offers on most of what's left (with the exception of a few of the Panache bras that would sell for more on ebay). If you have a yen to try any of the Gossard bras, or the Lepel Swimsuit, I'm especially willing to deal on these, so make me an offer!

I'm still in the process of figuring out the answer to my clothes fitting question, so I'll update soon with the info I've found out.

Til then, stay booby ;)